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Bad Credit

  • ​Low to no Credit approvals
  • ​Higher Interest Rates (Costing you thousands)
  • Cant leverage to build Wealth
  • ​Cant use to Travel For Free using reward points
  • ​Cant get Approved for Houses or Apartments 

    Excellent Credit

    • Low Interest Rates(saving thousands of dollars)
    • ​Higher Credit Card Approvals
    • ​Better Auto loans
    • ​​Travel anywhere in the world for free using Credit reward points!
    • Can ​Leverage to Build a business 
    • ​Create financial freedom through leveraging credit
    • ​Bigger Home Loan Approvals

    See What Others Have To Say...

    A Few of Many Testimonials Heading Here🤯
    I under went credit repair with Beckordandpeople in  August and it has been the best investment I ever Could have made... The Within 30 days I started seeing results! All of my collections were wiped clean! I was able to get approved for home within 6 months, Im so grateful, If  your feeling unsure I would say go for it❗️ 
    - Jasmin T Brown

    Verified Customer ✅

    This is by far the best Thing  I could do when it comes to credit! I went through 3 credit repair companies before coming to Beckford and people and at first I was unsure however something felt right after the consultation. Within the first 30 days 10 of my collections were wiped clean. Throughout the entire process the communication was excellent. Overall it was a great experience.
    - Shane Mattis

    Verified Customer ✅

     Thank you ! words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you guys🙏🏾 I was able to get approved for $150k in Business funding that Allowed me to buy purchase my first property that I project to make 100k net profit.There's no amount of words can express how thankful I am to have met you guys at Beckfordandpeople!
    - Al Murray

    Verified Customer ✅

    I feel like I robbed you guys for your service In the first 3 months you guys removed 3 bankruptcies that Ive been trying to get off of my credit  report for years that jumped my credit up to 750 credit score! The amount of money is priceless compared to the service you guys delivered , I would 10/10 recommed you to family and friends, thank you guys
    - Sherise Pridgen

    Verified Customer ✅

    Change Starts With You First

    "Information Changes Situations Only With Implementation"


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    WHO IS BeckfordandPeople?

    • BeckfordandPeople is a Credit consultant agency that has helped serve over 2,000 Credit consultant Clients across the US servicing all 50 states
    • B&P Specializes in helping everyday people reach and obtain their financial goals through repairing their credit and help with financial guidance through leveraging  business funding to grow and establish profitable Businesses
    • We continue to be committed to providing excellent service to our clients and delivering a remembering experience 
    • We help and assist our clients with repairing and removing all/any negative items off of their credit report along with establish a high credit score with a strong credit profile along that will ultimately help them  obtain up to 250k in business funding on brand new or existing business laying out a clear cut blueprint on how to build generational wealth leveraging credit.
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